Digital Closings Info

The real estate industry is in fast pursuit of the fully digital closing solution. At E and E Settlement, we provide digital real closing solutions as they become available to our clients.

We are proud to offer remote notarization of your documents and DocuSign digital signing technologies, with a very secure server.  Sometimes digital solutions carry concerns about privacy and personal information, and that is why we are complying with Alta Best Practices.  Encrypted emails keep your information safe.  Some counties in Pennsylvania have begun allowing us to offer e-recording by digitally filing and recording your deed, mortgage and any other document require by lender.

We strongly recommend that you confirm your wiring with our office before sending any money.  False wiring instructions sometimes are emailed to homebuyers ahead of their closings, that is the reason that we do not provide our complete account number with our wiring instructions.  You will be instructed to call us at the time you are sending the wire to get the missing digits and verify you do are sending the money to the correct company.  We also call the sellers to the number we have on file, before sending any proceeds to verify their wiring instructions.